Sunday, March 10, 2013

Playing Catch-up

We missed last week, so we’re going to play a little catch up in two parts.

Last week (February 25-March 3)
On Monday, Eliza had her first swimming class. Dad took her, and the swim coach kept using her as the example. You go, girl! Hallie took Landon to karate practice. Landon had his own swimming lesson on Wednesday. Perhaps we should consider scheduling the kids for fewer events, but we’d all go stir crazy if we didn’t get out.

Friday was St. David’s Day (Welsh National Holiday). We forgot to make it a day for celebration, but we did have our Kinder Surprise eggs. Both kids got working gliders.

On Saturday, Mike had the kids while Hallie worked in the morning, so he took them to Landon’s basketball game. Afterwards, the three of them went to Jungle Java for a Dad’s Day Out with the kids from Landon’s preschool. 
Blurry game shot (why bother?)
We had too much fun at Jungle Java to think about pictures. 

Landon woke up sick (sort of) on Sunday, so he went with Hallie to work. After the experience, he said, "Every time you work on a Sunday, I want to come." He was well behaved (thanks to Hallie's tablet), and he enjoyed watching young kids in the batting cage. Everyone who came in commented on Hallie's little helper. Hallie liked having him along since she had worked three mornings in a row. Landon has become quite the mama's boy as of late. It is so fun to hear him say, "I love you more than you will ever know," and "I don't want to take one step away from you." 

Mike took Eliza to church, but he probably should have kept her at home too. Ever since we have put her in a toddler bed, sleep has been tricky for our little one. This last week she will say, "Sleeping," when she is ready for a nap. She fell asleep in Mike's arms right before it was time to head out the door to church. Eliza is so beautiful when she is asleep.

On to this week (March 4-10):
On Monday, Hallie and Landon started a project for our niece Mariah.

They finished it on Saturday.

Landon had hives this week (who knows what from), but they seem to have gone away. After driving 45 minutes to speech, Eliza threw up about two miles before we got there. The ladies at Kaufman were great as they got Hallie trash bags and towels to help out with our crazy mess. We turned around and headed home with no more surprises, thank heavens!

Landon has continued improving his writing. He has also made some interesting drawings. This is a map he drew of where we and his grandparents live.  
(Mom helped with the spelling.)
He's getting good practice in for drawing pirate treasure maps. Grandma and Grandpa O. sent him a treasure box, complete with secret compartment, gold coins, and a Jolly Roger. 

We have really enjoyed our minivan, but it was costing us too much. We decided to sell it and replace it with another vehicle. On Friday, we sold the van back to the dealership. Tears were shed. Landon couldn't quite wrap his mind around the idea that we were choosing to give up the van. Then again, neither could we, to be honest. On a brighter note, we’re finally feeling the first signs of spring, and that means it’s time to get the bikes out! 

Hallie has done a lot of research on potential new cars. We drove down to a used car agency before Landon’s game on Saturday to look at one car but decided against it. After Landon’s basketball game, we went to another dealership, where we found our new car (a Kia Sorento).
Someone's excited! 

How do you keep kids entertained after two hours when they've already climbed around the cars, walked the showroom, and circled the building? Technology. 
One of the employees chatted with Eliza on the phone. It was so cute that she kept saying, "Hello! Hello!"

Eliza showed off her independent spirit in other ways this week too. Here are a few more examples:
 This is what Eliza wore to Landon's swim class and yes, she made us be the sideshow that we usually are whenever we bring her somewhere.
Mike offered to peel her banana. She replied, "NO! My peel!" And then she did it all by herself while singing us a sweet little nonsense song.

Can you tell she got dressed all by herself?  She had to change after she got her dress from church wet. Eliza does not let some things go. In a way, it is good. She has become so independent because of it.

Dancing and singing her A-B-Cs (with just a little help) 

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