Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Big Five Hundred

We got into the blogging game a little late (back in October 2004), and we never have learned to make money off of it or get a bunch of readers (probably because we never made it our goal to do so). What we have done, especially over the last five years or so, is chronicle the goings-on of our little family, hopefully entertaining you, gentle reader, along the way. This week’s entry, number 500(!), is more of the same week-to-week nonsense that keeps our life lively. Enjoy!

Monday was Landon’s first day back to school after a month of being away. He really loves school, and we are so thankful for his teachers at Sunny Days. Later, Hallie went to see a rheumatologist, and he didn’t tell her anything too much different from what she already knew. Hopefully, the x-rays they took will show something that explains why her knees cause her so many problems. We ended our day with Landon going to Karate. While we were out of town, others in his class tested for a new belt. (Hallie hasn’t been reading all the stuff sent home, so this was new news to us.) During class the instructor got Hallie’s attention just in time to show her Landon stomping and breaking his first board. How exciting it was to see him succeed at such a fun skill! Now Landon has a white belt with a yellow strip and is happy to show you his broken board.

He also went to the doctor for his five-year-old well visit (just a little late). He’s at 50th percentile for his height and 75th for his weight. Judging by his six pack, it’s all muscle (Mike is seeking to learn from the boy how to accomplish the same feat).

We have had an unusually mild few days of weather and have had to resort to sledding on the sidewalk. Thanks Sara for the great sled! Landon told us he’s going to start praying for snow so he can use it for reals.

Landon ended the week starting a new season of basketball. He’s excited to wear his first tank top jersey. We look forward to seeing him on the court once games start!

Hallie started work this week at the Neighborhood Club, and she’s still getting used to the early morning hours. It didn’t help that on Friday morning we had had a brownout and she slept through the time her alarm should have gone off. It all ended well, though, and Hallie is even going to get more hours next week. This means Mike has taken on more time with Eliza in the mornings. The two of them enjoy the personal time together and have made efforts to get out and about the neighborhood.

Going on morning walks with Dad

Cute painted toesies (Hallie painted these. Mike dresses her up and does her hair, but that's where it stops.)

Eliza got back into her speech and language therapy this week with a visit from Miss Julie and play time at Barnes School. Hallie added some additions to her kitchen so she could continue amazing us with her imaginative play. She loves to play house, put her baby to bed, talk on the phone, and draw and write on her little note pad. But what she most loves to do is dance! When she hears lively music, her body can’t help but move to the rhythm.

Until we get real snow, we’ll go with a few of this winter’s crops of paper snowflakes (both real and virtual thanks to Make-a-Flake) Mike cut. No shoveling required. Apparently we’ll get the real stuff again soon enough.
You can see more here

At the end of the week we received word that Great-grandma Hazel was gravely ill and had passed away. While we have only known Hazel for a few years, we will miss her, and we have mementos of her to warm our hearts (and soles, too!), thanks to Christmas packages that arrived recently.
Thank you, Grandma Hazel! Rest in peace. 

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