Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Trip to the Museum, Haircuts, and Sports

We took the children to the Henry Ford Museum for Macy’s Second Monday. We have not taken as many opportunities to attend the museum since Landon has started preschool, so this was a good chance to see recent changes to the exhibits. We spent a lot of time in the LEGO Architecture traveling exhibit:

Eliza spent a lot of time creating her own objects. Guess it's time to break out her own sets at home! 

The intense concentration!

This O was surprisingly flimsy. Mike went into fits trying to get it to stay together.

Our little neighborhood

One of the updated exhibits: A dollhouse decorated for the holidays

Obligatory corn harvester shot

Driving America exhibit

Budding mechanics

"North, south, east, or west, Michigan is a treasure house of happy vacation hours." So true!  

Landon won a sparring match in karate class, and Eliza insisted on joining in the fun.

Landon and Mike got well-needed haircuts late in the week, and Hallie got her hair done too. Only Eliza has kept her glorious wavy mane intact.

Eliza is making great progress in speech and is starting to become a little chatterbox. Also, she has already learned how to walk in heels. 

Now that Disney movies are on Netflix, we have watched a couple. They also have documentaries on the different parks and attractions, including the Disney Cruise Line. We watched for nostalgia's sake. Big mistake. Now we're homesick to go on another cruise!  

Mike read an interesting article about happiness, joy, and their relationship to living a meaningful life. Good stuff, and worth a read. 

Hallie worked several days this week. Thank heavens the kids don't seemed phased by this transition. Mike is pulling a big load. As a family, we are grateful for his hard work to keep the home progressing. This week we celebrate our 14th anniversary. Every day is a miracle in our family, and we are so blessed to be a wonderful family of four.

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