Monday, December 17, 2012

Eastbound Panama Canal Cruise, Part 2

Moving right along!

2012-12-13 Thursday: At sea. Mike took the kids to the pool while Hallie worked out. Hallie and Landon finished watching Finding Nemo while Mike got some work done and Eliza napped in the stateroom. Then Landon went to the Oceaneers Club and Hallie went to the shops. Shortly afterwards, Eliza woke up, so she and Mike joined Hallie at the shops and then for a late lunch poolside on Deck 9. We came back to get changed for the semi-formal dinner prior to the Officers’ Reception and Golden Mickeys Gala and show. After photos with Mickey and Minnie, Hallie took Landon to the show and Mike took Eliza to bed.  

Emma from Thailand was a super help not just with the origami but throughout the trip. 

Love these curls! Every day we would get glowing comments about how cute she was with these wavy locks. 

Hometown pride on Deck 3 Forward!

Hands off, Eliza!

2012-12-14 Friday: At sea. We had rougher seas, which made for interesting views of the water. We ate at the Parrot Cay buffet for lunch instead of Beach Blanket Buffet or the quick service restaurants as we have been to this point. Not so great with tired girl. Eliza had a hard time going down for her afternoon nap. We went on a stateroom crawl where we saw the different kinds of cabins that are available. They range from humble interior cabins to truly elegant suites.

Relaxing on Deck 4

Finding some "Hidden Mickeys"

Surprise! Photo mats signed by the animated characters! Plus we had more surprises in store for the kids:

2012-12-15 Saturday: At sea. We had a Character Breakfast in Parrot Cay. Afterwards, Hallie went to the spa for a treatment while Mike and the kids did an art project decorating napkins/bandanas. Hallie met up with them to take Eliza for a nap for two while Landon and Mike watched Wreck-It Ralph at the movies (full house). Afterwards, they had lunch and relaxed on the Deck 4 promenade before meeting up with the girls. Mike took the kids swimming and shuffleboard playing while Hallie got lunch and watched a presentation on buying Columbian emeralds. They met up again poolside. Eliza parades around in her little towel coverlet and cup of ice like she owns the place. We returned to the stateroom to shower and change for dinner (Mexican night). Lincoln at the movies late (again, full house). Mike took advantage of the relative quiet to get some more work done, staying up into the wee hours alone in the open air on Deck 10. The ship takes on a different feel at night, but it never sleeps.

Mike being fitted for his Jack Sparrow dreads by our assistant server, Sandor from Hungary

Eliza wanted to see the characters but would always shy away when it came time to get close for pictures. Mike ended up in a lot of what were intended to be kid-only shots.

We met another Eliza whose family was staying just a few staterooms down from us. 

2012-12-16 Sunday: At sea. We had breakfast at the Parrot Cay buffet and then made tile art in Animator’s Palate. Mike and Eliza stayed to learn some origami, while Hallie and Landon attended a presentation. At 12:30 we all got back together and attended a “Good Bye to the Pacific” Party complete with flash mob up on Deck 9. By a little past 2:30, we had gone as far south as we will go this trip, and we started rounding our way to Balboa, Panama, to wait our turn across the Panama Canal. In the evening, we attended a Broadway-style musical version of Toy Story. Mike ended up taking Eliza back to go to bed part way through.
Making tile mosaics

Views of Panama

Check out the huge gingerbread house!

Views of the anchor winches and chains visible from the Deck 4 walk/jog track. Later on our trip, we met Ryan from the Philippines, one of the maintenance crew, who told Landon all about the anchors and how they work. 

Round and round we go! 

Flower made at origami class. Mike would bring his mate with him on occasion, prompting conversations with crew and other passengers who either knew what it was or who were curious.  

"Goodbye to the Pacific" party on Decks 9 and 10

We ended up right near Mickey and Minnie!

Hugs for Landon

"Give me four!"

Getting into the flash mob

Panama coast as we approach the canal

Mickey and Minnie at a photo-op before the night's musical, "Toy Story" 

With our server, Charles from India

Camera shy, again

Ready for the musical to begin

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