Sunday, December 09, 2012

A Little Time with Family in Cali

Hallie and the kids took off to California for a couple of days before we went on the cruise so that they could spend some time with family. It is sometimes very bittersweet to be so far away from those we hold so dear.
Prior to leaving, Landon and Dad played with the LEGO Christmas village. 

Lollipops do wonders at keeping squirrelly kids in check.

Short sleeves and warm sun at the grandparents'

In 'N Out Burger. Yummy!

Feeding horses

Christmas pajama party with cousins at church

Hey, kids: Don't look too excited, OK?

Making Christmas ornaments

We happened to be in town for Lily's eighth birthday and baptism. Congratulations, Lily! We love you!

Cousins roughhousing

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