Sunday, September 02, 2012

Fast Cars, Sweet Peaches, and Tough Birds

Summer is winding down, at least as far as the traditional lead up to Labor Day is concerned. We kept busy this week with some unstructured activities before fall comes with its school and preschool and playgroups.

Mike has officially started fall semester, and while he was still working without an office on campus, he made do in classrooms and other spaces in the Education Building. He should be able to get back to his office on the Tuesday after Labor Day (fingers crossed).

While Mike worked, Hallie took the kids on a few adventures around town, including a visit to Tiny Town on Monday and a visit with Sara and Chase on Tuesday.
He wants not only to enforce the law but fight fires besides!

Multitasking in the kitchen

This brave girl always finds a way to rise to a challenge.

On Wednesday, Mike worked from home and took a little time in the morning to go riding with the kids and in the afternoon to accompany everyone to the Racing for Kids event up on the Hill.
"Let's ride! Aren't you coming, Mom?"

Fifty-one perch sculptures grace the Pointes as part of a fundraiser, and several line Kercheval Ave.

The kids keep reaching new milestones. Eliza decided to show us how well she stacks blocks.

Landon decided to show us how well he feeds his little sister.

Eliza discovered the wonder of unraveling thread from her clothes.

Landon discovered the wonder of number writing.
The duck face is just an added feature. 

Labor Day weekend always brings many choices for activities away from home. We went up to Romeo Peach Days on Saturday.
Yes, he's wearing what he wore Wednesday. We have no excuse. The kids do match nicely, though!

Now to find a creek (or a bathtub).

Angry Birds has made its way into children's games in the real world.

Nice form!

Right on target (well, almost)

The racer with his winning ribbon

Watching a robot (try) to shoot a basket 

These princesses were part of a musical performance group. They thought Eliza was adorable. 

At first, she wanted nothing to do with their flattering attention, . . . 

but she eventually warmed up.

The budding reader. Yes!

In the evening, we broke out the fire pit and had s’mores in the backyard with the neighbors. S'mores are even more yummy when made with Reece's or Mounds or Almond Joy and shared with friends!

We had a bag of old buns and two rambunctious children on Sunday afternoon, so we decided to take a visit to Belle Isle Park to feed the ducks. We found no ducks there, but there were seagulls and Canada geese.
We wanted to feed the geese, not the gulls. The geese did not get the idea of free food, but the gulls knew exactly what to do. Grr. 

Eliza managed to drive some geese into the pond.

They drove other geese toward the conservatory.

Belle Isle has so much untapped potential. It’s frustrating to see such a gem go so neglected. But that’s a post for another day.   

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Sue said...

Busy, busy! Oh, the energy :-) Have a good start to the school year.