Sunday, September 23, 2012

Everyone Felt Like Royalty This Week

Well, kinda. We had some experiences this week relating to crowns, festivals, and banquets, so it’s a bit of a stretch, but we’re going to go with it.

Mike went to the dentist on Tuesday to follow up visit after his cleaning. It turned out that a potential cavity turned into a needed crown replacement (really? Really? C’mon now). Needless to say, Mike was caught by unpleasant surprise that he was receiving the royal treatment again on the same tooth.

The dentist was so casual about it as he explained that the tooth needed working on. Then out came the needles and the pliers and the pulling and the cracking. Then came the interesting part. Crowns have changed a lot in the last ten years. Apparently now the dentist takes digital images of the affected area and with those images creates a 3-D digital rendering of the tooth which is then milled in color-matched porcelain on site. Royal treatment, indeed. Good thing we have insurance. . . .

In many other ways, we really have settled into a fall routine with the kids in preschool and Mike back teaching. The kids had some fun exploring nature and mugging for the camera. 
daddy's little princess

Mike managed to make Landon’s soccer game on Wednesday. We’re not sure how into it he is, but he says he enjoys playing, and we enjoy cheering him and the other kids on while trying to corral Eliza. Landon has now learned how to climb the rope in his gymnastics class, as in, he really climbs to scary heights on the thing to survey his realm. He sleeps like a king on his twin-sized bed after he comes home from the two activities.

Hallie had purchased Groupon tickets a while back to use at the Renaissance Festival this Saturday, so we skipped soccer to go hang out with the minstrels, troubadours, faeries, knights, witches, tradespeople, and of course royals up in Holly. Rain threatened (keeping the crowds down), but it never fell (yay!).

Landon got to fly high with the help of bungee cords.

We ran across Queen Elizabeth and her royal entourage.

Eliza made her own magic wand.

Landon practiced his jousting skills.

Three cheers for Sir Landon!

Before the joust, the performers held a parade.

This witch gave Landon Nerds and Eliza ghost poop (marshmallows).

He's holding an 11 year old falcon.
 On to the joust:

After all the excitement, we tested our skills.

In all, we had a grand old time! 

Our neighbor up the street has done work on our back porch, and between that and another couple of painting projects Hallie has going with our front porch furniture (not forgetting the shoe dresser). We’ll eventually have to post all the colorful results once they are completed. 

Our friend Amberly invited us over for dinner tonight. She treated us to the world's best grilled steak! Seriously, she got the recipe on the Internet for the world's best grilled steak and made it for us. We even ate like royalty this week. 

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Sue said...

The renaissance fair looks like so much fun! It sounds like a great week...except for the crown.