Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last Minute Mission Preparations and Grand Days Out for Kids

Mike and Landon went to see the Tigers play the Mariners at Comerica Park on Thursday. Landon lasted longer than last time. The weather was a bit chilly, but he was so excited to show off his Tigers T-shirt that he insisted on taking off his jacket. Good thing he’s so warm blooded!

After the game, he accompanied Dad to one of Dad’s work locations before they came back home so Mike and Hallie could take Diamond to Bloomfield Hills. On their way to the stake center they had dinner at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Troy. Diamond (now Sis. Evans) was set apart as a missionary to serve for 18 months in the Washington, DC South Mission (basically suburban DC, western Maryland, and eastern Virginia), and then she received her own endowment at the Detroit Temple. Hallie took her to the airport on Friday morning for her flight to Salt Lake, where she will stay with the family of a former SVU roommate until she enters the Provo Missionary Training Center next Wednesday.

Hallie and Mike aren’t quite old enough to have a daughter Sis. Evans’ age, but we got a small flavor of the sense of pride and accomplishment parents must feel seeing their child making choices that will set them on a positive life path. Sis. Evans has worked hard to get where she is, and we know she will experience a lot of personal and spiritual growth as she continues to work hard as a missionary. For all our scurrying around to help her get ready to go, we never took any pictures! Thanks to everyone who has and will chip in to send her on her way.
Sis. Diamond Evans
After Hallie sent Sis. Evans on her way, she came back home to pick up Landon for a Mom’s club gymnastics day out at Cutting Edge Athletics in Clinton Township.

On Saturday morning, we joined Sara, Jason, and Chase at Greenfield Village for the annual Day Out with Thomas. Weather had been cooperating better earlier in the week. However, in spite of the chilly threat of rain, the kids dove into the festivities.

But I don't want to play on the airplane!
Much better!

Someone's geeked out. 
Members of the Detroit Historical Society built a model railroad layout and let Landon try his hand at running the trains. 

After we came home and put Eliza down for a nap, Landon and Mike played some games. First we played a Thomas-themed game Hallie had found on one of her mom-to-mom sale outings. Landon won.

Then we played Wii Sports. The new TV and the extra space make for a better experience, at least for Landon. He trounced Mike at bowling.

A strike and/or a spare in 8 out of 10 frames. Wow!
Of course, Mike did beat the boy at tennis and golf, but who’s counting? 

The Young Women of the branch are raising money for Girls Camp this summer. This year they are offering babysitting services. We took advantage so we could spend a romantic evening . . . rearranging furniture in the kids’ rooms. The parents out there can relate. “Yes! Three free hours to actually get something accomplished together!” Once Mike finally gave up the idea of a shared office/Eliza’s bedroom, it was only a matter of time before his stuff had to go. Thanks, babysitters!

Later on, after the kids were back home, had wound down from their high energy, and had finally gone to sleep, we watched a movie in peace and quiet with the knowledge that the kiddos now have rooms of their very own. Hallie is busily making plans to thoroughly girlify Eliza’s expanded space. She hit upon her theme after finding an Eric Dowdle puzzle named “The Fairy Family” at Sam’s Club:
Image courtesy Dowdle Folk Art 
On a completely different and tragic note, a young soldier named Andrew Britton (Mihalo) was killed in action in Afghanistan on Wednesday. He was a 12-13 year old when Mike worked with him in the Young Men’s program before we got married. Mike didn’t know him very well, but he remembers Andrew as outgoing, happy, and vivacious. The kid had a lust for life that showed as he continued to grow up after we left Simi. What can we do but express our deep grief and gratitude to his family for their loss and his sacrifice? We are so sorry! Thank you so much!   

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Mike & Lila Family said...

oh congrats to diamond and eliza for getting her own room and landon for being the master of wii bowling. sorry for the britton family. the name sounds a little familiar to me but i don't remember much. regardless, I too am thankful for a soldiers service and sacrafice, especially if ultimately they give their life in service. :/. Your family is getting cuter and cuter. i hope hallie is fully recovered from the crazy medical stuff and mike, i hope you are recovering well for having to take on a lot more while your wifey was down. :) (sorry had to leave a long comment so you knew i'm still reading! lol)