Monday, February 21, 2011

Someday this will make a funny story

So this morning we're stuck in Denver as another Midwest snow storm shuts down metro Detroit. We had a few options upon hearing our flight was canceled last night: go standby on the flights leaving over the next few days (all are overbooked and we're now officially booked on a flight leaving THURSDAY morning); go on another airline ($$$$ and at least a couple of layovers); take the train ($$$ and get in Wednesday afternoon); or drive ($$ and we get in Wednesday in time for Mike's class). We opted for the road trip, although it is possible that a few seats might open up for flights leaving sometime on Tuesday. We're now in the process of figuring out whether our bags have already beat us to the Motor City. If not, we're fine. If so, we'll have to do just a little more scrambling this morning. No one got much sleep last night, but right now both of the babies are sleeping like little angels--little angels that toss and turn and keep their parents up all night. But who couldn't love that peaceful look and the gentle quiet snores they make as they begin to stir from their slumber and get ready to set out on another whirlwind road tripping adventure? Off we go again!

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disneydoc said...

not sure if you guys are very brave or very foolish! Good luck with the road trip!