Sunday, February 14, 2010

All Grown Up, Almost

During our trip to California Landon showed us how he could climb out of his pack and play. He has threatened us before our trip but thankfully it never happened. So, when we got back to Michigan we decided it was time to move toward a "big boy bed". We didn't really feel we had the money to go from toddler bed to twin bed and Landon's crib was a hand me down that did not convert into something out of this world, like some newer cribs do. In other words we decided to go straight to a twin. We were so excited with our find of a bed frame and box spring at an estate sale. We then used Christmas money for Landon to buy him sheets that he had a say in. The sheets were on sale too! While in CA there was a cute store called Vintage going out of business and that is where we bought his quilt. Grandpa and Grandma O sent him a Valentine's monkey to add to what we have been calling his zoo. (What to Expect in the Toddler Years said to get them a new toy for the transition. Thanks Merle and Sue, I did not have to buy it for him!) Landon as you will see in the pictures had a ton of fun helping Mike get the bed together while I went to Costco to buy the mattress thanks to the help of a nice family in the branch with a truck. When I came back we finished putting it all together and my heart melted to see my little boy laying in such a big bed. It took him a while to go to sleep but he slept the whole night in it and has taken a great 3 hour nap. No he is not really all grown up but it is just another step in that direction.


Maygren Family said...

It looks like he loves his new bed, how fun. I noticed you took down the cute letters with animals. Why? I just loved them!

Riley and Breanne said...

Oh how fun for Landon. Probably a good thing you put that little guard rail up!