Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Great Big Thank You!

Today Hallie is feeling full of gratitude. In the spirit of all the dumb lists on Facebook she is going to list what she is grateful for. So if you don't want to feel all warm and fuzzy inside then I suggest you hit the road jack! J/K!

  1. For someone/s who wrote my brother who is in the Army. You are awesome whoever you are. I will have to admit you may not get a letter back as we have only received one in the month or so he has been gone. I do know however he really appreciated it. This was said to us through his wife. 
  2. For the unbelievable event that our FSA chapter had last night. Satan worked hard on me and others who wanted to start their fast for adoption. But, those of us who came, ate, fasted, and attended the temple prevailed! 
  3. Thankful to those who helped with the function last night. Especially Michelle and Diamond. I know I would have had to have taken a full Xanax to have tried it by myself. 
  4. I am grateful for Landon being able to sign more and up. Even if those are the only two words he can do in well over 2 months.
  5. A great husband who is willing to spend a majority of his Saturday with our little one so I can do my calling.
  6. Thankful for vacations that are not coming fast enough so that we can get out of the frigid temps here in Michigan.
  7. That Landon still takes long and sometimes 2 naps a day. When else could I play my Wii Fit?
  8. Grateful for my electric blanket on these dang cold winter nights.
  9. For Diamond and her inexperience with so many things I have experienced. It is so much fun to show her all of things that I love and it makes me feel like a kid again.
  10. That Mike can stay home most mornings and that we can be in bed while Landon play for close to an hour every day. That makes up for all of the other crazy times he is gone.
  11. For great articles in the Ensign and Friend magazines.
  12. Landon being part Irish. Now we can have corned beef and cabbage and not feel like we were trying to "fit in".

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The Michiganders said...

It was a neat night. A bigger thanks to you for all of your hard work! It was a real success. And to Diamond too!