Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Our Little Character

What is this thing? Should I really wear it? My crazy Papi does.
Better not keep it on too long. May be bad for my reputation.
Well if I am going to keep it on I should adjust it a bit. Or maybe on the side is good.
I will for sure get a great gift from Santa with this smile and wearing a hat just like him.
Alfred Hitchcock has not left the building.

Landon has definitely become more cuddly and shows a fun clown like side most days. It is a riot to let him run around upstairs while he yells with delight. Hallie had to run a few errands today. While she was gone Mike took some fun pictures of Landon so we decided to post them today.


*~*kamie*~* said...

Ha ha! He is seriously so cute!

The Michiganders said...


Love that boy! I hope he has a wonderful Christmas.

cherrybeiy said...

He is so cute and is so much fun I bet!

Stephanie said...

Too cute! He must be the most loved baby on the block!