Sunday, August 03, 2008

A Pleasant Sunday

Today was Fast Sunday at church. I did bare my testimony and I am glad I did. Landon let me sit through all of Sacrament today. That was a miracle. I also think it was because were sitting by our friend Courtney who is a social worker for LDS Family Services and she did all of our work with Landon during our adoption. She saw him when he was 2 weeks old and now he is nine months. Courtney held him and played with him and it made his squirming a lot easier to handle. It also helped that Auntie Jayne wanted him too, oh and the kids behind us wanted to play with him. I am extremely blessed that Landon will go to just about anybody and not throw a fit. My how his good temperament makes my life a whole lot easier.
When I walked into church today there were three sisters who got right up and gave me hugs and welcomed me. Did they have to? No, but they did it because they have LOVE that overflows to everyone. And sometimes a person just needs to receive it and I thank them for the hugs and the beautiful sentiments that they pass on when they see me.

I am sentimental because I think of where we were at a year ago and how it has been a hard year, but having Landon makes everything so much better. In the back of my mind I was fine with never having kids. Yet, one day sitting in the office of my therapist it came to me that it was time to start a family and so we decided to adopt and you know I wish we could do it sooner. Having Landon bring me so much joy that I had never even known or witnessed before. He is amazing and it is even more fun to watch Mike play with him and even just stare at Landon as he is doing things that completely astound us.

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The Michiganders said...

He is an amazing little boy--meant to be in your fmaily. HE make sme smile. We are looking forward to Greenfield Village on Monday!