Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Simple Two Hours

Saturday was hot, muggy, and wet here in Southeast Michigan.
We spent a majority of the day at our old church building giving stuff to members who wanted items that otherwise would be going to a donations agency. Tables, chairs, hymn books, things from the kitchen, and so on. Glad it is all over. Mike has to go one more time, but Landon and I are done!
I took a time out to run to Costco, and while there Julie, a friend from the branch, called and said most of her family would be away that evening. Could she watch Landon while the two of us went to the movies? I couldn't say no to a great offer like that! So at 6:30 we dropped Landon off and went to Patterson Park where we have a movie theatre (gotta love that perk!) and saw WALL-E. It was a very cute movie, and boy, how time flies. When we got out of the movie two hours had gone by since we dropped Landon off. This was our first solo date since bringing Landon into our family, and I have to admit it was nice to be able to go out and hold hands at the movie and have Mike open my door again. Sometimes with a child we get caught up in him and forget about ourselves. Julie and Reagan had lots of fun with Landon, and he never knew we were gone. Thanks, Julie, for letting us be a couple for the evening. It was great!

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j and r said...

Good for you guys. And what great friends.