Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Clint Eastwood and A Cute Kid

Grand Torino is the name of the movie.


I did not take my camera, but Landon and I have seen Clint Eastwood twice in the last week. Last Thursday he was filming a movie at the end of our block, so we went to watch. Today was the best. On our way home traffic was stopped by police while Clint's truck was pulled by a truck as they were filming a scene. Even though Landon was pitching a bit of a fit in the back seat, I was star struck. Who knew something so exciting could happen in our little slice of Michigan?!

I can't get over the picture below. My dad took it while he was here. This really captures Landon. Most often when he wakes up from a nap you will find him jumping and laughing in his crib. It is such a pleasure to go get him, throw him in the air, and watch him laugh. Landon's hair has grown like a wildfire, and we love the curls. We won't be cutting it just yet. This weekend we are going to our first Detroit Tigers game, and Landon will be all decked out in his Tiger outfit. We will write all about when we get back.


Aaron said...

Great pic

Summer said...
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Summer said...

That's so cool that you saw Clint Eastwood. Now when you talk to people you can say, " Well, Clint and I went to the cafe the other day.....". See you Saturday!!!!