Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Great Big Sea Hove in Park City

This weekend Hallie, Mike, and Hallie’s brother Riley had the opportunity to see our favorite band, Great Big Sea, in concert in Park City. With many prayers we braved the weather to and from Park City, heading down Provo Canyon afterwards through a snowstorm and very low visibility. We love our big beautiful boxy Buick. The best part of the concert happened after it ended. We were invited to attend a reception following the concert, and we each got to talk with the members of the band and get our pictures taken. Let’s just say Hallie was in heaven. Hallie's favorite picture is of her and Bob.


MBLY said...
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MBLY said...

Park City...has changed alot..I remember when there was nothing there BUT there is everything...and the snow...well. when GBS was here Alan was a real gentleman and a sweetheart...signed TOFOG t-shirt for was great...MB