Saturday, January 01, 2005

It Is A New Year

Well we stayed up and watched a bit of Rockin Eve with Regis. It was O.K. Then hit the hay till it was time for the Rose Parade to start at 9am. Pretty good parade this year. Sat around most of the day, and tried to start a puzzle. Mike did most of it. Yesterday I actually helped with a funeral in our ward. On Tuesday I help with our Primary Pianist funeral. So we will be busy once the week starts again. We are counting the minutes away until the Fiesta Bowl starts and we can cheer the Utes to victory. Everyone here is so excited about them getting to a bowl game. It is time for the decorations to come down soon. Not excited to realize school starts on the 10th. Oh well hopefully I can make it on the Deans List next semester also. Hope you have fun reading our blogs.

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