Monday, December 13, 2004

Happy Holidaze!

Here's our (more or less) annual Christmas letter. Enjoy!

From Us to You: A Year’s Worth of Haikus
Merry Christmas 2004!
Love, Mike and Hallie Owens

New Year’s in Cali,/ Then back to Salt Lake City./ Cali was so warm!
Utah winter: Brrr!/ December was worse, we heard./ Our love quells the chill.
New school for Hallie/ She’s at LDSBC:/ The next Donald Trump.
Hallie’s gift to Mike:/ Our anniversary date/ At Kingsbury Hall.
The Chieftains’ music,/ Rousing Irish Celtic tunes,/ A stompin’ good time!
Mike kidnapped Hallie/ Hotel Monaco and Lamb’s:/ “Birds and Bees” in flight!
Barenaked Ladies/ E-Center, capacity crowd/ Live performance rocked!
Hallie got a job/ As a fitness technician./ Curves makes you curvy!
Mike spent the summer/ Assisting professors and/ Teaching Upward Bound.
Mike counts the tithing./ Hallie leads in Primary./ The Lord’s work moves on.
Carly got married!/ Our new brother-in-law, Shad,/ Made a handsome groom.
Hallie found Mike out./ His early Christmas present/ Was still a big thrill.
Fourteen hours each way,/ Jammin’ to “Celtic Pop” tunes,/ Great Big Sea to see!
Mike got a prime spot./ Hallie, Tracy, and Becca/ Saw “da b’ys” up close.
Ah, sweet Calgary:/ Tim Horton’s & Stampede Grounds,/ A&A’s donairs!
Grandmas have been ill./ We go to offer our help./ Bittersweet partings.
Wee Lily Maygren,/ Bryce and Elise’s firstborn./ We look on in joy!
Christmas in Utah/ No trip to Cali this year./ Your love keeps us warm!
We remember you/ As we celebrate Christ’s birth:/ God’s great gift of love.
We remember Christ:/ His teachings, His Atonement,/ His great offering.
We each have struggles/ That we must bear patiently./ Jesus showed us how.
At this Christmastime/ We hope His love burns deeply/ In your homes and hearts.
We wish you all the/ Happiness you can bear/ This season and always.

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