Sunday, June 03, 2018

First Week of Summer Vacation

The kids spent their first week of summer vacation in the gym. Hallie managed to get some gym time in as well, and Mike had a college retreat up in the mountains. All in all, we had a great start to summer!

On Monday, we spent a relaxed day at home which was super nice for a change. Hallie ran an errand in the afternoon with Eliza, and while they were out the girls even found a dress for Aunt Kira's wedding in the fall. Hallie loves Mulberry Drive / 801.

Bright and early Eliza started off Tuesday with gymnastics practice and Hallie went to work out. After working out Hallie headed off to BYU for her wellness appointment; that went okay. Kirsten (her coach) is nice, but Hallie has slipped when it comes to the scale. Hallie picked up Landon from Mike's office, and the two of them headed to pick up Eliza and her friend Josie from practice. The four of us headed to Fiiz (a new soda shop in Mapleton), which all three of the kids responded was better than Sodalicious. Soda couldn't help these kids’ hungry stomachs, so we stopped by Café Rio for lunch and took it home for a picnic outside. Later in the afternoon Landon had practice.

On Wednesday we had Lily for a chunk of the day. What to do, what to do? Or rather, what to do that didn't cost money? A lightbulb moment went off in Hallie's head, and she and all three kids headed to the area around Bridal Veil Fall to walk. All the kids loved the time on the trail as it was a beautiful day, and Landon wasn't as mad at Mom making him go on a walk as he was when they first started. We ended the walk with a yummy treat at S.O.S. pharmacy. Before too long, it was time to drop Landon off at practice.

Fergus seems very well-suited to the indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

It wasn't too many hours before Landon had to be back at gymnastics. Hallie and Eliza did something fun, but our brains just can't remember what it is anymore. So sad. While Eliza was at practice Landon, and his buddy Lincoln went to Fat Cats for a couple of games of bowling and then we headed to Sodalicious on the way home for the boys to play.

In the evening Hallie had been asked to speak for about 10 minutes at our ward's Relief Society activity.

Mike spent all of Friday in Midway with a BYU activity. Smart hubs won a fun BYU sign by playing trivia. Hopefully he will bring us home something fun from China, and he won't even have to play trivia.

Both kids had gymnastics in the morning. While the kids were busy working hard, Hallie headed to the doctor for some follow up blood work and to get some referrals. After practice, the three of us headed to a doctor appointment for Eliza. The trio headed home for everyone to play the afternoon and evening away.

Saturday morning Eliza went and had her haircut. We figure she had nearly four inches cut off, and she had a few bangs added. Eliza really likes her new hair do and may even go a bit shorter next time.

While the girls were out the boys including our buddy Lincoln went to Home Depot to do the Kids Workshop, and Mike was a cool dad and brought Eliza home a kit to work on as well.

The kids spent most of the day after morning fun cleaning their rooms. You would think the kids were home all the time and played with the mess that was in their rooms. We all helped each other out, and things were looking good by the rest of the day. In between to keep us going we watched National Treasure and Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Sunday we had the usual routine of church and quiet activity at home. Mike has a busy week next week, and we did a little last minute preparation in that regard.

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