Sunday, May 06, 2018

Even When There’s No Time Left, There’s Always Something to Do

We had a busy week full of school and gymnastics activities, plus Hallie's aunt and uncle came to visit!

Monday – After work, Hallie took Eliza for her first cavity filling at the dentist. It is crazy how brave this little nugget is, and we admire her for all of her courage.

After her filling, Eliza headed back to school so she could attend her last Art Club class. Whatever she created she did not bring home as it was left to dry. Mom and Dad can't wait to see what it is.

Hallie dropped Landon off at gymnastics with Eliza and picked up cute little Lily so the girls could go all the way to Saratoga Springs to pick up some cute shoes for Eliza. Lily fell asleep on the way home, and our little nugget was hungry, and everything is made better by In-N-Out.
The lake and mountains are pretty this time of year.

Tuesday – Everyone went to his or her respective schools. After Hallie went to work, she headed to Orem where Target resides. Errands done and things thrown into the spot where they belong, it was soon time to get the kids’ stuff ready for gymnastics and to pick them up from school. Hallie was going to leave soon after getting to gym so she could come home and clean a bit before our relatives were to come on Thursday evening, but – wouldn’t you know it – she never made it home. Oops!!! Mike had an orientation meeting in the evening with the newest cohort of EdD students and got home after we did. I

It's been a while since we've posted some of the kids' school work. They're still learning.

Wednesday – Mike spent time working from home and helping Hallie get the house ready for the relatives to come. Hallie was grateful to be able to spend a few hours at lunch with Jennifer and Katelyn Carney. It has been 18 months since she have seen Jen, and it was so fun! Time went by fast, and soon we had to go our separate ways.

Just a bit later Hallie had to pick up the kids from school. She dropped Eliza off at home and took Landon to gymnastics where she then picked up Lily. What a trooper Lily is to go on crazy errands with Hallie all of the time. She rarely makes a peep and always is so good! Hallie contacted her friend Serena from gymnastics to head to the Hobble Creek Boutique. We took Lily shopping with us and maybe even got her a little something for tagging along with us.

Thursday – May 3rd will always be a reason to celebrate in our family. 16 years ago, we went on Mike’s internship to Argentina. 10 years ago, Landon was sealed to us in the Salt Lake City temple. 2 years ago, Hallie had weight loss surgery that changed her life forever.

Today we experienced another first in our school district, a track meet. Landon ran the 50 meters and participated in the softball throw. There was no advancing for our athlete even though he finished 2nd in his heat. This was a great experience for both mom and son, as we have never done anything like this before. Landon was bummed a bit that he didn't get to advance but said he was glad he went and even participated. Hallie was allowed to take him home after he raced, and it was nice that mom and son spent a bit of time together.

While both of the kids spent time at gymnastics, Hallie watched two kids for a bit of time. Then Hallie and Lily headed to our house to play until Karen and Jerry Gonzales showed up. The 5 of us headed to pick up Eliza from gym and then ate dinner at Café Zupas in Spanish Fork. Yummy!!!! Hallie, Mike, Lily, and Eliza left so we could go back and get Landon from gym and to reunite Lily with her mom.

We then got the kids to bed later than usual, and the adults stayed up past their bedtime chatting and catching up. It has been 8 years since Hallie had seen her aunt and uncle.

Friday – We will deem this day as crazy. As we were getting ready for school and work Hallie got a call from her boss asking if she would be willing to teach Eliza's class at 9:00 a.m. Um.... sure. So away we went all of our separate ways, and Hallie did something she never had done before (substitute teach), and she said it went better than she thought it might have gone. It helped that the kids had an assembly to attend. Afterwards, Hallie went back to her regular work with Mr. Hall and then substituted again for Mrs. Johnson, who is one of Hallie's coworkers.

At 1:30 Hallie checked Eliza out of school, and we headed home so Adi could meet up with us and do Eliza's 'do. The hair looked amazing once again! Then we headed back to the school to pick up Landon (Hallie forgot to check him out at 1:30), and then we made our way north for Eliza's 2nd-to-last meet of the season.

Once again Eliza did great! Eliza even placed 1st on the uneven bars in her age group, and the cute little Level 2s placed 2nd overall. Next to come is her state meet on May 18 in Layton.

After Eliza's meet, we headed to Howdy's Homemade Ice Cream (which we adore) and then headed home. Of course, both kids were starving even after giant ice creams, so we ordered pizza and they watched Despicable Me 3 for pizza and a movie night. The adults spent the evening unwinding and chatting.

Saturday – Karen and Jerry left in the morning to head for home. We are sure glad they came to visit! Hopefully, next time we won't be so busy. For the first time in about 10 days we had a day to do nothing (AKA, choose your own adventure day). Landon played a lot, Mike put up our flag and flower hangers, Eliza played and watched some TV, and Hallie went and bought hanging flowers and shopped at the Beehive Bazzar, which has the greatest stuff!

The evening ended by watching Peter Rabbit, and the kids laughed their heads off. When we hear their genuine laughter it fills us with such joy.

Sunday – The weather has been amazing lately, and today was just like the others this week. The kids couldn't resist playing outside before getting ready for church. Hallie took a small nap before church, and Mike kept the chaos under control. Our church meetings were quite good today. We didn't spend our ward’s first break the fast with everyone, but in the spirit of the meal we had tacos too. Soon enough the kids were back outside with their friends, and with it staying light so late now we have to convince Eliza that it really is time to go to bed. Summer cannot come soon enough for the kids.

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