Sunday, November 19, 2017

Two Weeks’ Worth of Memories in One Entry

We didn’t get to the blog last Sunday as we were having too much fun with extended family! So you get a two weeks in one entry. Wish we could say that meant more photos and stories, but it doesn’t. Anyway, here’s our past fortnight in 1,000 words or less.

Week ending 11/12:
Mike has done a lot of traveling the last few weeks. Good thing he has a rewards number. He was in California to start the week, flying back on Monday. Hallie was sure happy to have another adult at home again! As far as the rest of Mike’s week was concerned, it was pretty routine. More meetings are filling up his days.

Eliza made a small drum in her Monday after-school music enrichment class. Both she and Landon had school. Landon, however, ended up spending a couple of days home sick with whatever Hallie had contracted the weekend before.

We got Eliza’s score back from her meet. She placed first overall with consistent second place finishes in all her events.  Go, girl!

We had intended to go down to Cedar City over the weekend for the temple open house, but we had to change plans at the last minute. Instead, on Friday night we watched Cars 3 after Landon got home from gymnastics.

On Sunday at church, Mike got called to co-teach with Hallie. That means the four of us are in Primary now! In the evening, we got together with Hallie’s local-area cousins in Orem for a big holiday dinner. There were around 15 kids in attendance, and they all got along pretty darn well for most of them just meeting. Everyone pitched in with food, and it was sure good to the taste buds. It was fun seeing some cousins we haven’t seen in close to seven years.

Week ending 11/19:
On Monday, Eliza went to the eye doctor, and now she will wear glasses full-time. She found some really cute ones!

Eliza also finished up her music enrichment classes this week. She made a guitar from a cereal box. This same day Eliza had an eye appointment. Signs have been blurry to her and so we thought it may be time to move from readers to something else. The eye doctor confirmed our suspicions and any day her new glasses will be ready to wear.

Hallie and Eliza spent time at the end of last week and for a lot of the time on Monday evening gathering names for our Butter Braid fundraiser with Airtime Training Center. Mom is in charge of the fundraising, and Eliza wanted to earn money to help pay for expensive sport. Landon was not interested in earning money, so he did not go out, and so Mom made sure Eliza got all of the money. Eliza was brave and did a majority of the talking at all of the doors we went to, most of which belonged to homes of people she had never met.

Tuesday evening Hallie had a fundraising meeting at Airtime and then came home to pick up Mike and dinner. We then headed back to Airtime to pick up the kids a bit early from practice so we could head off to a concert. Last year Marilyn and Dwight had told us what an amazing concert the Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, and Jordan Smith concert was. So, when Hallie heard they were coming to town and she found a good deal on Groupon we decided we all should go. It took a bit of time to get into the venue, and thank heavens they postponed the concert until a lot of people got into the venue. Landon loved the full orchestra, and Hallie loved all the singing of songs both old and new.

Mike and Eliza went to the kick-off of Westside Elementary's WatchDOGS program, Dads and Donuts.

On Thursday nights Hallie babysits at gymnastics. The kids are becoming more used to her and a lot less crying is happening which makes for a better night for everyone. Phew! But when Mike travels we all get home very late, which means homework does not usually get done, and it is hard to get the kids up the next morning. Hopefully with Thanksgiving this week we can get back on to a bit of a schedule.

Fergus thinks he needs a seat at the table.

Hallie and the kids watched the Emoji movie and had pizza which is our normal Friday routine. It was supposed to snow in the valleys three inches, but we did not see one flake. You can see it all over the mountains. It will be here soon enough. The kids can’t wait! 

Landon has just three weeks before his first meet of the season. It is called Cold Turkey, and it will be in Woods Cross, UT. He knows it is coming up, but is already quite nervous.

A bit of cleaning happened while Mike was in Denver at a conference from Thursday through Saturday. The kids are never quite fond of helping Hallie with the chores, but Eliza jumped up and was super willing to help where needed.
FYI, Santa has been spotted at Denver's City and County Building. 

The crispness  in the air tells us that fall is waning and winter is approaching. Makes for pleasant Sunday walks to and from church. Mike likes teaching with Hallie!

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