Sunday, April 09, 2017

Mom Goes to Time Out

She didn’t get in trouble, though! She went to Time Out for Women, a couple of days of inspirational presentations and music presented by Deseret Book. Meanwhile, the rest of the first week of April leading into Spring Break was marked by the ordinary ebb and flow of activities at school, gymnastics, and work. The excitement, such as it was, came on the weekend.

Monday was a tiny bit exciting for Landon and his teammate Dietrich. After competing this season as Level 4 but practicing Level 5, both boys officially were made full-fledged Level 5s. Coach Ray made the announcement after practice, and the boys are very excited.

Mom started catching a cold on Wednesday. She even took a much needed three-hour nap during the day. Hallie was hoping that it was allergies, but each day she felt a bit worse.

Eliza rocked this fun outfit at school on Thursday: Best dressed, retro style! 

By Friday not long before heading out to Pasadena for TOFW she felt pretty yucky, but she went anyway.  After school, Landon went to his classmate Dominic’s house to play, so Dad and Eliza had their own pre-movie night before picking Landon up. Everyone had a good time!

After picking up Landon from Dom’s, we had some pizza and a movie (Happy Feet) before hitting the hay.

Mom got home late on Friday and then had to get up early the next morning to drive back to Pasadena, still suffering from her cold (or is it allergies? With so many beautiful spring flowers, it’s hard to tell).

The kids had gymnastics in the morning, and this time Mike stayed and watched them the whole time, something he doesn’t often get to do. Both children amazed with acts of strength, balance, and precision. They spent a mellow afternoon at home.

After Mom came home, she shared some of what she learned and saw. TOFW is something Hallie looks forward to going each year in the cities close to wherever we have lived. This year Hallie was able to sit next to her good friend Marie Turner and saw several other ladies from church. It is a blessing to hear words of encouragement and how much our Lord truly loves each of us.

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