Sunday, March 26, 2017

When Dad’s Away, the Rest Will Play

We went on a little break from writing the blog while Mike was out of town. We’ll get back into the swing of it next week. Here are some captioned pictures for your enjoyment.

Week ending March 12: For the most part, business as usual at work and home. Mike Left for New Zealand on Friday night the 10th, arriving in Auckland on Sunday the 12th.

Week ending March 19: Mike spent the week in New Zealand. Hallie and the kids held the fort at home.  

New Zealand, Monday, March 13: School visits and some sightseeing.

Views from Mt Eden overlooking Auckland

New Zealand, Tuesday, March 14: More school visits and university lectures.
Visiting Classrooms at Pt England Primary School

Discussing art education at Auckland University

New Zealand, Wednesday, March 15: Sightseeing and university visits.
At a welcoming center at the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park

Overlooking Piha Beach

Walking up the black sand dunes toward Bethells Lake 

Walking along the stream

New Zealand, Thursday, March 16: Primary and secondary school visits, plus an outdoor art exhibition.
Classroom observation and conversation with a primary school teacher

Chatting with school administrators

Classroom observations at a secondary school

Enjoying Auckland

"Power Plant" art exhibition

New Zealand, Friday, March 17: Two more school visits and St. Patrick's Day! 
Powhiri and mihi whakatau (welcoming ceremony) at one of the schools we visited

Our travel seminar group with students in Maori costume

Field day for the students

Part of the mihi whakatau at another of our school visits

Speaking with the principal

Visit to the Maori immersion classrooms

A local getting into the spirit of the holiday

Hare, hare! Hare Krishna! 

New Zealand, Saturday, March 18: Traveling down to Dunedin.

Sheep! Lots of sheep

The real deal: Australian ginger beer

Speight's Brewery Tour

Outside Dunedin Railroad Station

New Zealand, Sunday, March 19
Pretty close to church, all things considered

Dunedin Railroad Station by day


Views from Tunnel Beach

Week ending March 26: Mike came home from New Zealand, and Hallie and Landon went to Disneyland.

New Zealand, Monday, March 20
Cadbury Factory Tour

New Zealand, Tuesday, March 21: Secondary and primary school visits. 

New Zealand, Wednesday, March 22: University and school visits.

New Zealand, Thursday, March 23: Time to head for home! 

California, again Thursday, March 23 (!). Mike got an extra day. Too bad he spent it traveling. He did get this shot of CLU (lower right corner) and home from the plane flying down from San Francisco. It's the little things that make life fun.  

The kids enjoyed their candy and gifts. The cat was happy to see Mike home. So was Hallie! 

Then Hallie took Landon to Disneyland. 

Woo hoo! TTFN. See you next week!

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