Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunny SoCal Skies

We didn’t take a lot of photos this week, as most of our activities were the ones we do every week. We had one notable exception with Eliza attending her first official Daisy meeting for Girl Scouts, the presidential election, celebrating our veterans at Las Posas, and getting ready for our trip to Detroit next week.

On Monday, Eliza met with her Daisy troop officially for the first time. The girls made cards for our servicemen and women and sent them care packages. Hallie had a bit of a new work schedule this week and was happy to be able to have a chunk of time to get some things done around the house.

We had a lovely sunset on Monday night. Mike tried to capture it, but of course photos did not do it justice.

Tuesday morning after crossing, Hallie went with another mom to the Girl Scout office in Woodland Hills. A ton of things can be bought for your little girl just like for your little boy. Mike is glad Hallie bought just the necessities. Hallie enjoyed getting to know the other mom. 

The kids brought home their school pictures. Look at these cuties!

We also had an election on Tuesday. In Mike’s class, the students were far more riveted on finding out who would win than on discussing research methods. Can you imagine? Between the time Mike started his first class and ended his second, the pollsters’ predictions gave way to the precinct reports. Congratulations, Mr. Trump. God help us all, and God bless America. For the record, we voted for neither of the front runners. Living in California, it was a foregone conclusion as to who would get our state’s electoral votes. Our fate was sealed in the primaries of other states long before November. For those of you in one of the “Brexit” states, it must have been a wild ride!

On Wednesday, Hallie went back to brunette. Eliza got her tresses trimmed as well.

The children celebrated our veterans at school on Thursday. Our school has 65% of military families who attend. Veterans and their families are very important to our school and our community. All of the students were encouraged to wear red, white, and blue or our school pride T-shirt. It was so nice seeing the Color Guard and so many military personnel in attendance.

This kids and Mom had school and work off on Friday. Mike had work. While Eliza and Mom stayed at gymnastics in the afternoon, Mike and Landon had some Daddy-Son time at Souplantation for dinner.

On Saturday morning, Mike took Landon to gymnastics and caught up on some work while Eliza and Hallie ran some errands around home. We’re gearing up for our Detroit trip, which means last minute cleaning, laundry, and packing.

In the afternoon, Carly, Shad, and their kids came over, and we all went down to the pool. The pool. In November. Granted, the water in the pool itself was pretty cold, so we mostly hung out around the spa, especially once the sun went down.

We later watched some of a movie (Flubber) and had pizza before the Hopkins headed home. Then it was back to getting ready for our trip.

On Sunday the kids had their annual Primary program at church. We appreciate all the hard work the leaders and teachers do to help corral this group of wild ones! 

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