Sunday, September 20, 2015

Talking Like Pirates, Singing Like Angels

The kids participated in the Primary sacrament meeting program at church. They also did a lot of gymnastics. They missed BMX for the second week, but the kids did get donuts for dressing and talking like pirates. That’s about the same, right?

These kids are always on the go go go, rockin' cheeky attitudes most of the time! 

They do settle down on occasion. Here's the proof. 

Here are some gymnastics highlights from Monday and Saturday.

We also got some more art from school.

She's learning to color between the lines so well! 

Plus some art from her class with Carrie. Good job!

Eliza has developed her big sister's sense of style, at least as far as socks go. And it's practical too! Any of her socks match now. 

Landon had pictures taken for his baptism invitations on Tuesday evening. No sneak peaks! 

We attended Landon’s Back to School Night on Wednesday. Landon has enjoyed his first several days of school, and we look forward to great things from both our little scholars. 

Mike had work in Malibu on Saturday, and while he was doing his thing, Hallie and the kids went to Krispy Kreme to get donuts for Talk Like a Pirate Day.
Avast! X marks the spot where the golden treasure be stored. Y'arrr!

Making off with sweet booty

Prior to parting ways, we drove past Pepperdine University, where the lawn bordering Malibu Canyon Road and PCH has a massive display of American flags honoring the victims of 9/11. Tom Burnett, one of the heroes of Flight 93, was a Pepperdine alum.

Later on in the day, the missionaries came over for dinner and presented an object lesson.

Now you know how to balance three knives on three cups spaced equally far apart. Ta da!

Today, Grandmas and Grandpas M. and O. and cousins Haydn and Alie watched the kids perform their parts at the Primary program, I Know My Savior Lives. The children sang like angels and spoke well. We appreciate all the hard work of the children and all the adults who put the program together. Many thanks! 

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