Sunday, January 25, 2015

Flying Through January

Almost one month into the year. Wow! We didn’t have many photo-worthy moments this week, but we did have a good time. Such a good time, in fact, that we also don’t have a lot to write about the last week. The kids had Monday off for Dr. King’s birthday. Mike’s new semester unofficially started with the spring faculty retreat on Tuesday. Both parents went up to school to help out on Wednesday. Mike helped his dad install a TV on Thursday. 

We do have some photos of Landon's written communication to us. He's very earnest. 

Hung on his door. Basically: Keep Out (unless you want to cuddle)!

Friday we had more of a celebration: 16 years ago Mike and Hallie got married. Happy Anniversary! Where has the time gone? Grandma M. came over to watch the kids while Mike and Hallie went out to dinner and made some short and long term plans for more fun times to come.

Earlier in the week, Hallie received an invitation for our family to attend an advance screening of the upcoming Minions movie. Unfortunately, Landon had a hard time following directions Saturday morning, so Mike and he cleaned up the garage while the girls went to the theater. Eliza turned out to be too young (target demographic was age six and older), so they didn’t see the film but got free passes to see Paddington. This film, however, proved to be too much for Eliza, so the girls ended up coming home early, and no one saw a movie today.

After he helped clean the garage, Landon earned the right to go over to the park on his own. He was pretty thrilled to have that privilege. We appreciate that the park is far enough away to be “scary” but close enough to be safe. After Eliza got home, she joined Landon. Dad followed along in secret just to see how our independent spirits fared on their own. They played nicely together even after Eliza caught Dad spying.

Later in the afternoon, our neighbor Samson came over, and the kids played outside. They thought fabricating a zip line would be fun. We tread a fine line between observing these crazies at their antics and intervening.

Attempting to make a zip line. At least they're wearing helmets/ 

After church on Sunday, Mom and Landon had a pajama and movie party while Dad and Eliza baked some bread. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa O. for the bread maker and to Grandma B. for the flour enhancer. Each week we’re baking a new loaf and improving our techniques. We haven’t bought a loaf of bread since Christmas, and Landon seems to enjoy his sandwiches on Dad’s “special bread.”

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