Sunday, November 23, 2014

Homemade Goodness and Sky High-jinks

Another week of routines leading into Thanksgiving week. 

Fall continues to make its understated mark on the Southland.

Mike's beard is filling out:
He thinks it's going in this direction.

The kids see things differently.

Eliza brought home some of her Thanksgiving-themed crafts.

Hallie worked at Nautica on Tuesday and Thursday. It's hard on her feet, but she has met many interesting people from places around the world. Who knew the Camarillo Outlets were such a global draw?

Mike was up on campus on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and hustling to make a buck in the evenings. Tutoring suits him, and his students seem to be progressing.

Mike experimented with making bread, with mixed results. He found a recipe for making a simple five ingredient honey whole wheat bread, and he followed it very closely. His very first loaf turned out extremely well considering it was a first-time effort. Then he began to experiment, and the results did not turn out quite so well. There must have been something wrong with the food storage quick oats he used as a flour for the second batch, and he didn't knead the loaf well enough with the third loaf. Thankfully, at least loaf 3 tasted OK (the first loaf was amazing--scarfed down in a day).

On Friday, Mike had business to conduct in the Conejo Valley. He picked up Cru after work and brought him back so we could play at Sky High Sports Trampoline Park. After working up a healthy appetite by jumping around, we went to Souplantation. We finished with some shoe shopping at the Vans store in the outlet mall.

Took the kids too IKEA on Saturday. Afterwards, they stopped by the elementary school where he used to teach. It's still there, and the neighborhood remains largely unchanged. Would have been better to come during school hours to actually see inside the buildings.

We had stake conference on Saturday and Sunday. The sessions emphasized missionary work, improving our teaching, and developing better habits of gospel learning. We appreciate all the efforts that were made by the speakers and choirs to help us feel the Spirit, and we have a lot to ponder and act on. 

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