Sunday, August 31, 2014

School Days

The kids and Mike officially started school again, and with that start Hallie hopes to settle into some routines of her own.

Leading into the week, we took advantage of the pool and the outdoors. On Monday, Mike took Landon on a practice walk to school to see how much longer it would take to get there than his previous school. We’re not a whole lot further away from his new school than Defer. Yay for walking and biking!

Mike had new faculty orientation at CLU on Tuesday. He’s excited to get started, but he’s experiencing sticker shock as he contemplates the cost of the health care plan options. Wayne had amazing benefits for quite a bit less. Hallie took the kids on several errands and to Barnes and Noble, where they had a story time.

We had a wienie roast and s'mores in the evening as a last hurrah before summer comes to an end. 

Wednesday was the first day for both of the kids at school. Along with a huge crowd of people, we filed into drop their kids off at Landon’s school, where we were able to walk him to his classroom. The classroom looks exciting, and his teacher is experienced and receives good reviews. This should be a great year for him. 

Hallie then took Mike to another day of conferences, this time his annual all-faculty retreat in Ventura. After dropping Mike off, Hallie took Eliza to Marina Park for some girl time by the water. 

At noon Hallie took Eliza over to her new school, and on their way up to the school Eliza was already saying good bye. Hallie told her that she was breaking her heart, bur Eliza told her it would be okay because Hallie would be back to pick her up. These kids grow up way too fast. 

Both kids needed more school supplies, so while they were learning Hallie had to run errands. Four stores later we hope we have everything. Both kids seemed to have a great day at school, and we are happy that it has been a smooth transition for the two of them. In the evening Grandma Liz our neighbor called to see if we wanted to go to the Farmers Market. Hallie and the kids and Liz headed over to the market and enjoyed some fresh produce and yummy grilled cheese sandwiches from a food truck appropriately called The Grilled Cheese Truck.

Mike stayed overnight at the hotel where they held the retreat, so Hallie took Landon to school on Thursday. Hallie was going to pick Mike up from the hotel, but he got a ride home. He tried contacting Hallie without success. He got home late enough that he missed Hallie, so, phone in hand and on redial, he high-tailed it up to the school. Hallie had gone up to get materials to collate for Landon’s teacher, so Mike caught up with her before she got to her phone or hit the road. Speaking of hitting the road, Mike almost got hit by a car making a left turn as he walked to the school. Be careful out there, people!  

With Landon’s school getting out so early there is time to still have fun in the late afternoon. Mike took the kids swimming again, but by then there were more people in the pool. The kids love having a pool so close and the warm weather here has made it an ideal place to take the kids. Mike had a meeting with the bishop in the evening and Liz invited Hallie and the kids over to eat with their family and the missionaries. With all of the swimming the kids went to bed quite well at the end of the day.

On Friday, Mike took Landon to school by bike. There is a bit of an incline getting there which provides a nice workout. Hallie and Eliza spent sometime in the morning at the pool where they were the only ones there. Mike drove up to CLU, planning to come back in time to get Landon from school. However, due to a bit of traffic coming from work back, Mike was delayed and  Hallie and Eliza had to quickly jump on their bikes and pedal like mad to get the school in time. Eliza did amazingly well for having to hurry.

Saturday we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. When we walk our housing community Hallie has seen some very manicured garages and wants to try to get ours to look more similar to others. After some good organizing, rearranging, and assessing we made a great improvement. In the late afternoon we spent time in the kids room putting Landon’s bed frame together and Eliza thinks wearing multiple outfits a day and not putting them away is a good idea, putting away clothes was on Eliza’s agenda.

Mike spoke again at church on Sunday, this time on missionary work as it related to his new calling. After church, we went to Grandma and Grandpa M’s for dinner. 

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