Sunday, May 11, 2014

Here’s to Our Moms!

We are grateful to our moms, grandmas, and birthmoms of all stripes. If not for them, we would not be who we are today. Thank you! We made the decision to move to California in part to give our kids more time with their west coast grandparents. And while it may not seem to be the case right now, the move out west may allow us to afford to get to Nova Scotia more often too. This does not mean we’re severing our ties to Detroit, though. Mike will see if he can take a leave of absence from Wayne State. He has lots of students, colleagues, and projects that will keep the D part of our lives for years to come.

On Cinco de Mayo Monday, Hallie, the sister missionaries, and some ladies from the branch all got together to go to Greenfield Village so they could visit the parts they have not seen when they have children tagging along.

The mourning doves have taken up residence for good on the porch. 

Eliza insisted on wearing her pajamas to school today. We didn't fight her. 

After school, Mike took her to the library for some quality time.

Mike had his first night of class for the spring term and a reception for the newly tenured faculty. 

We received the photos from our shoot last week with Kensi. Here are some highlights. We love how the kids turned out! 

Hallie had several errands to run on Tuesday, so Mike took Eliza to her Pipsqueak PE class, where she learned about team sports volleyball and baseball. 

Afterwards, they hung out by the lakeside docks and at the playground equipment.

Landon uses many different tactics to avoid going to bed. Tonight he drew a detailed description of his bedroom, swing and all. To bed, young man!

On Wednesday, Eliza and Rocco had extra company on the way home with Henry. 

After considering our options with regard to Mike’s work, we determined that we needed to move to California and take the job at CLU. While the move will present many challenges, we also foresee many opportunities, especially as they relate to our kids and our extended family. Mike let his colleagues at school know prior to our end-of-year meetings, and as might be expected, his news was met with a mix of dismay and congratulations. Glad they weren’t eager to show him the door (wink).

Once we made the decision to move, we set in motion plans that had up to this point been hypothetical. Marilyn and Carly went looking at a couple of potential places to rent in Camarillo, one of the cities we had considered moving to, and they found a great place in a nice neighborhood near lots of amenities.
Hogar, dulce hogar

On Thursday, Hallie babysat at the Moms Club meeting. This was a chance to say so long to some friends she has made over the last several years. Even though we have spent some time with the idea of having to move in the background, now knowing we will be moving on a specific date has really begun to sink in.

The weather got a lot warmer, which meant bikes in the back alley!

Landon’s school had its annual Student Art Show. Mike took Landon, and the boy showed off several projects whose pictures we had seen on the Artsonia website. As you can see in the pictures, the weather has warmed up, and he worked up a sweat on the bike ride over. Mike stayed afterward to assist with cleaning up. The students’ art teacher did an amazing job giving students in each grade level unique and vibrant projects to do. Impressive work!

Of course, Landon had to get some playground time in before going home. 

On Friday, Mike helped out at recess, and in the evening Hallie went to a going-away party for several ladies in the community who are also moving. The Grosse Pointe Moms Club has been an integral part of Hallie’s life while we have lived in Michigan.

On Saturday, we went out to breakfast at The Jagged Fork (which was amazing).

Then we took the kids to a Lowe’s Build & Grow activity (which was lots of fun).

We love Ms. Grace!

The kids hung out in some of their favorite places. We know they will make new ones in Camarillo, but the thought of them losing what they have here does make us wistful.

Hallie and Landon ran a few errands before gymnastics while Mike spent time packing (yuck). Fortunately, we have lots of boxes from when we moved to Detroit, plus ones we have accumulated over the last few weeks. The house feels strange with our pictures off the walls. The sister missionaries came by in the evening to help with moving things out of the garage. 

On Mother's Day, Mike and the kids made Hallie breakfast in bed. Eliza picked her more flowers (the lawns all around are chock full of bright yellow dandelions), and the Primary kids sang. 

The rest of the day was spent in the spirit of the day of rest. 

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