Sunday, January 12, 2014

Deep Freeze and Slow Thaw

We spent the beginning of the week coping with the weather and accompanying cabin fever and the end of the week slowly thawing out.
Hell (Michigan) has frozen over. Keep your eyes open for flying pigs. 

Monday, January 6 – With church canceled for the weather yesterday, we were not surprised when we received word that school was canceled today. We got lots of snow over the weekend and a little more today on top of that. Mike was somewhat surprised when Wayne State canceled classes too. We basically stayed home indoors and warm, taking advantage of the indoor swing and the small trampolines. In addition, we found new activities to keep the kids from burning the place down. Some of those new activities are riding a hippity hop through the house and learning how to roller skate. Yes, you read that right: roller skating indoors. 
No school tomorrow means late night tonight!

Today we also made snow ice cream. It was easy and oh so yummy!

Tuesday, January 7 – Another day dawned frigid with the arctic vortex, and school was canceled again. We had to find ways to keep the kids and ourselves from going stir crazy, so we ventured out and down to the church to give the kids some running around space. We are so blessed to have a church building close and even more blessed to have a dad with keys to the building. Shooting baskets and running lots of laps used up a bit of energy, but we’re not sure if it is ever enough. 

Mike discovered a couple of new snowflake apps: The artist's original work is pretty amazing.

And of course, Make-a-Flake

Landon is well on his way to snowflake mastery!

Wednesday, January 8 – To our surprise, the local schools were canceled yet again. We found out later that the news had reported we were closed before any decision had been made by the district itself. So to stave off any confusion they just called it canceled. Landon, who has been out of school since December 20, actually commented how he missed school. Those are amazing words since back in September and October he wanted nothing to do with school. The kids still had therapy, so Hallie took them out to Kaufman and then to the Henry Ford. With so many schools being closed, Hallie thought for sure the museum would be full of crazy kids all needing to get their energy out. But to Hallie’s surprise it was almost empty. The three took different routes than they normally do and met many nice friendly families along the way.
Every day, the museum staff and visitors build a real working Model T. 

Thursday, January 9 – Everyone returned to their normal schedules as temperatures finally began to warm back to normal winter numbers. Hallie had the opportunity to spend a bit of time with the Grosse Pointe Moms Club and even received a chair massage for going. Sweet!!! Mike taught his first class of the semester. Hallie and the kids love the beginning and the end of the semesters because that means early nights home for Dad.

Friday, January 10 – The weather had warmed up enough to make the snow just right for snowballs and snowmen. On Wednesday night Mike and Hallie ended up spending a lot of time trying to get Eliza to sleep. So Hallie promised Landon we would have a slumber party on Friday. So tonight we started with ye old pizza and a movie. Hallie and Landon made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and then headed to bed. Sharing a twin bed is not the hottest for the whole night, but she did last until after 1:00 AM.


Dad's frozen 3D portrait, complete with glasses and goatee  
Even Fergus needed to get out of the house (much to our frustration).

Saturday, January 11 – Rain overnight washed away a lot of the snow and trickled its normal bit into the basement. Landon started his first advanced boys’ gymnastics class this morning. After our brief stint in competitive gymnastics this last summer Hallie wished that there was something more for Landon at Extreme. After talking with another mom the two ladies started dropping hints with the staff that there were families who currently attended who wanted their sons to go to an advanced class. In November there was word that the facility was working on a class for the boys. Late December Hallie was told that the class was going to start hopefully by the next session and so it did. On their way home from practice Landon said the new class was “hard, but I loved it!” Gymnastics is definitely a winner for this kid. Hallie and Landon went to babysit Laurel’s two boys. They all play together great, so not much sitting needed to be done.  

Sunday, January 12 – Hallie had a fun time subbing as Primary Chorister today. So many new families that have moved in recently with kids that there many unfamiliar faces. Landon moved into the CTR class and got his token CTR ring. We can hear him now in the backyard showing it to the neighbors. We had lots of sun today and above freezing temperatures, but Mother Nature is sure to change things up in no time.
Taking core samples, or as Landon put it, making popsicles

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