Sunday, October 13, 2013

Trips to the Vet, Pumpkin Patch, Fire Station, and Costumes

We enjoyed mild fall weather with sunny days and soft breezes. Mike got his promotion and tenure packet together for his internal college review. Eliza and Landon both had school-related activities relating to the fall and the beginning of the school year. Fergus got fixed and seems to be recovering well from surgery.

Monday, October 7 – Happy Fergus had no idea what was in store for him this week. More on that later.

Eliza brought home some art from school. She’s doing a better job at staying in her car seat.

Landon got another note for his behavior, so we set up a new incentive plan. Mike puts a penny in Landon’s shoe, and if Landon avoids turning his color to red in the classroom discipline chart, he earns a nickel. He showed improvement over the rest of the week, earning himself 20 cents. He’s working his way toward a purchase at next year’s Renaissance Festival.
First school art project. Landon's portfolio is here

Pattern spider from last week. 

Charts? In kindergarten?

Tuesday, October 8 – Eliza had her school picture day today. She and all the other preschoolers got dressed up for the occasion. Cute!

We had Nadia over for two days this week. Today she tried on Eliza’s patriotic skirt.

Mike spent time before class making sure his portfolio was in order for the college personnel committee.

Wednesday, October 9 – Today was a little intense. Fergus’s surgery only accounted for part of the action.
Little did the feline parakeet know. . . .

Mike volunteered to be part of the human school bus helping the elementary school kids on their way to school for National Walk to School Day. He did this a while before we scheduled the cat’s operation. Ironically, Landon did not walk to school because Hallie took the kids and Fergus to the Michigan Humane Society. The line at the Humane Society ran long, so Mike went to trade places with Hallie so she could take Eliza to speech class. After Mike and Landon successfully got Fergus settled with the vet, they drove to Landon’s school, where Mike worked as a recess volunteer. After Eliza’s speech class, she and Hallie entertained Nadia after picking her up from preschool. With the kids in tow, she enjoyed lunch al fresco at the Panera in the Village.

Afterwards, they raced down to the church to drop lunch off for the missionaries. Meanwhile, Mike had headed up to campus to attend some meetings. He returned home in the evening with enough time to eat, get dressed, and head back out for our branch temple night.

Thursday, October 10 – Landon headed off to school, Mike and colleagues from work had breakfast with his dean bright and early, Eliza headed off to school, and Hallie picked up Fergus from the vet. Mike returned home long enough to help the cat get settled before resuming his work day on campus. Mike’s college personnel committee met and offered suggestions for how to improve his portfolio for presentation to the university.

Landon’s school had a Pumpkin Party on the front lawn. Hallie was babysitting Max, so she took him and Eliza when they walked up to pick up Landon from school. The kids enjoyed their donuts and cider.

When they got home, they discovered that the missionaries had given them a heart attack!  

Friday, October 11 – Mike chaperoned Landon on a field trip down at the public safety building. They saw the fire truck and fire engine along with the 911 dispatch and the jail. Landon was so excited that he made sure Mike brought him the fire helmet Landon received at Safety Town.

Brittany came over to work on some financial aid and hang out with the family. Getting ready for BYU-Idaho is a big deal! It took all day, and we love having her here.

Saturday, October 12 – Hallie took Landon to gymnastics and then down to Eastern Market to pick up our CSA. We then spent a bunch of time deep cleaning parts of the house. Hallie has a list of 101 things she wants to get cleaned up prior to Sis. Evans’ return from her mission. We also did a little decorating for Halloween and the fall. The kids found their costumes and played a little dress-up. 

Later, the sister missionaries came by and joined in the fun. 

Landon has written his first story about an astronaut who landed on the moon. 
(It's a graphic novelette.)
Sunday, October 13 – After church we spent time rearranging Landon’s room to make room for Eliza to move in within the next week or so. Then the sister missionaries came over for dinner of corned beef and root veggies. Like a late St. Patty's day! We're thrilled to see the Tigers and Lions continue to do well. Well, not see exactly, but get others' Facebook statuses letting us know what's going on. Go Teams! 

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