Monday, July 29, 2013

Short Novel Post

If a picture is worth 1000 words, consider this post a short novel. Enjoy!

Monday, July 22, trip to the Detroit Zoo with the missionaries serving in our branch:
Releasing new arrivals at the butterfly pavilion

Chrysalis incubator 

Birds hiding at the aviary

Missionaries in their native dress

On to the reptile house

He walked along the fence like it was a narrow sidewalk.

Safari kids eating coneys.

"Well, hello there!"

Taking inspiration from the polar bear

Tuesday, July 23: No photos!

Wednesday, July 24:
Butterfly-themed crafts at the library

Showing off his LEGO creations

Thursday, July 25
He discovered how to modify his LEGO bricks to build a row boat.

Daddy spying on the babies part 1: Eliza in her own
little world, singing with a camouflage parasol. 

Part 2: Bliss!

Part 3: Landon setting his LEGO boat afloat.

Friday, July 26
More spying: Morning constitutional on the front porch. Eliza really
enjoys being outside and watching the world around her. 

"Batter up!"

"I heart Mom"

Saturday, July 27: First swim lessons, . . .

Then Lowe's, . . .

Then sun and stormy weather!

Sunday, July 28: After church in the morning, Hallie attended a concert where our friends Jayne and Josh performed.

Then the missionaries came over for dinner.
More spying: This time it's the sparrows gorging on the lawn seed Miles set out. 

Celebrating milestones in the field: Elders Holmes and Jones each burned a tie.
Why do they burn a piece of old clothing? Why not? 

The kids and Brittany (a new convert we had over for dinner) were fascinated and amused.

Elder Keith (returning home on Tuesday after two years) burned a couple of shirts.  
It's funny, but neither Hallie nor Mike burned any of their attire while on their missions. Mike ended up giving most of his old clothes to members and younger missionaries, so they went on to have a new life of their own. Such is the way of rituals.

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