Sunday, October 21, 2012

Celebrating Teeth, Tigers, and a Big Boy's Birthday

Eliza had her first trip to the dentist today. She has perfect little teeth, all well spaced. We got Landon a haircut after his trip to the dentist (perfect teeth too!) and before his karate class and basketball tryouts.

Dad got his haircut, and Mom got her hair done on Tuesday. Don’t worry. We are not touching Eliza’s luscious locks any time soon.

On Thursday, Hallie was running errands and driving down a local road when the driver of a municipal garbage truck opened his door and took out her passenger side mirror. Very sad. Fortunately, the city will pay for the damage.

We have caught Tigers fever, and Landon insisted that he and Eliza get dressed in their Tiger blue and orange to watch Detroit sweep the Yankees and go on to the World Series. Go Tigers!
First try: Cute girl, goofy boy

Second try: Cute solo shot

Third try: Well, we tried anyway

We spent Saturday celebrating Landon’s birthday with his and our friends next door. After Hallie and Doreen went to a mom-to-mom sale, the rest of us met them at Chuck E. Cheese’s and played games. We then had lunch at Olga’s before eating Cars-themed cupcakes and ice cream at home. Landon received dart guns, and he and Owen played with those in the backyard until we parents finally had our fill and had the boys take a rest.
Mike spun 100 on the Showcase Showdown and got 100 tickets. Jackpot!

Ride-em, Cowgirl!

You'd think he won the lottery. 

Such a big boy!

Later on the party continued over next door as the kids ran around like banshees before finally collapsing into bed. Landon has felt ill for the past few days, so he really needed to tone it down. We had a much more low-key day on Sunday.   

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carly said...

how fun! love eliza in her cheerleading outfit and pig tails ;)