Sunday, July 08, 2012

Steamy Waterworks and Fireworks, Thanks to Mother Nature

We suffered through the heat, thankful every day (and every night) that we have air conditioning. Fortunately, the kids don’t seem to notice. The area of the yard the kids play in is generally shady for most of the day, so we just send them out to play in the water. Dad discovered for himself while playing with them that once you’re wet, even with the humidity, the heat doesn’t feel so bad. We could have spent the whole heat wave this way, except that during the middle of the week we had thunderstorms, so Mother Nature provided the fireworks along with the waterworks. Felt like a steam bath out there! Landon and Mom beat the heat by going to the movies to see Madagascar 3.

We received our weekly email from Sister Evans on Monday. She welcomed a new companion, Sister Anderson, to her missionary area and a new president, Matthew Riggs, to her mission. They all seemed to weather the east coast storm and power outage. When they offered to help others who had lost power, no one seemed interested. Bummer.

The garden seems to be responding pretty well to all the heat and water. We have lots of raspberries to snack on and share with the pesky robins. A particularly brazen one swooped down onto the lawn next to a low-hanging branch, plucked one off with its beak, and dined while we sat watching him only a few feet away. One of the tomato pots is not draining well, so all the rain has flooded it. In spite of efforts to pour the water out, it appears that we’re down that plant. Mike salvaged one ripening tomato, and there are two more small ones on the vine that may turn out. The strong winds knocked over another tomato plant, dislodging two more green ones. Perhaps we can fry them up, Southern style.

We celebrated Independence Day Wednesday indoors mostly, with a wet trip to the backyard in the afternoon and a uniquely American dinner (burritos made from teriyaki-marinated chicken topped with parmesan cheese—quite tasty). Hallie and Landon had seen a couple of fireworks shows on nights earlier in the week, but Mike had stayed home with Eliza. Sara called offering tickets to the ball game and post-game fireworks, so Mike figured he and Landon could put up with the heat. Rain threatened as game time approached, and as they left the house, the water came down.

To pass time during the rain delay, they drove up to the 7-Eleven for Slurpees. By drove up, we mean they drove to the next county over. OK, side note: Here’s a little tidbit about life in the Grosse Pointes. In many ways, the communities appear to want to preserve a small-town feel. To that end, zoning restrictions discourage chain stores and restaurants from coming in. While this move does seem to help small businesses and preserve the notion that you’re not in some cookie cutter suburb, 1) it can feel a bit pretentious (some higher-end chains do make the grade), and 2) it means that a lot of places we would like to go are maddeningly far away. We could always move closer to the shops. . . . Anyway, there are no 7-Elevens in Grosse Pointe. Moreover, for reasons we do not know, there are no 7-Elevens in the city of Detroit (plenty of party stores, the Michigan name for liquor/convenience stores). So, if on the off chance you want a Slurpee, you have to go north of 8 Mile Road and into Macomb County.

Anyway, Mike figured that by the time the boys drove up to the 7-Eleven and back they would know whether the game was delayed or cancelled. By 8 o’clock it was still delayed, so they decided not to go (the game eventually was played, and fireworks went off at around midnight. Happy Birthday, USA!). Landon seemed OK with his frozen treat, especially since Mike accidently got him one the next size up from what he’s had before.   

Saturday morning was brutal. All the humidity from the previous days’ rain came up along with heat that felt like 90 degrees at 9 AM. Hallie went down to the farmers market with the kids, and they all looked like they had melted by the time they got back home. She ran some errands with Priscilia and her daughter Corali (visiting from Venezuela), and in the meantime Mike took the kids to play in the sprinklers in the backyard. Again, once you’re wet, the humidity doesn’t feel quite so bad.

By Saturday afternoon, the high heat and humidity had broken, and cool breezes drifted down from the north. It seemed like everyone noticed, because neighbors all around came out to play and walk and otherwise enjoy getting out of the house. Landon helped Owen from next door learn how to ride his bike without training wheels, and once Owen got comfortable, they raced on their bikes along the sidewalk. Eliza even joined in on her little four wheeled kiddie car.

Landon provided the photos this week. Enjoy!
Self portait

Travel companion


Meal ticket


A grand day out

Mom and Priscilia

Current favorite cereal

Have you ever stopped to consider what you look like from the perspective of a four-year-old? They look up a lot of  noses. Keep 'em clean, people.

Ready for church

Soft glow around Mommy

And now for some shots from the yard today:


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