Sunday, June 17, 2012

Treats for Dad and the Gang

We didn’t take many photos this week. On Monday, Hallie and the kids went to Greenfield Village with Brenda (a newly-moved in member of our branch) and some of the moms from the mom’s club. Landon made a pinwheel, saw a puppet show, and got to ride the carousel for free. They didn’t let a little rain dampen their fun. Mike took Eliza to the doctor to find out what was ailing Eliza (it wasn’t just teething). Apparently she had a virus and was on the mend.

Mike took the missionaries to their transfer meeting on Tuesday. While we lost a hard-working elder, we have received back into one of our areas another missionary who started his mission here in another one of our areas. We have gotten to the point where we are starting to forget the  names of some of the elders who served a few years back, but we remember many many faces and fun stories. It helps when they friend us on Facebook once they finish!

Landon’s hair finally grew out enough that we could give him a haircut on Wednesday to clean things up.
Nothing complements a haircut like a Slurpee!
On Thursday, Hallie, Landon, Megan, and Henry all went for a visit to the Lake St. Clair Metropark (AKA Metro Beach), one of the Huron-Clinton Metroparks. Mike and Eliza stayed home just to be sure Eliza wasn’t contagious. Rather than just sit around with her, however, Mike took her outside while he cut back some of the overgrown plants in the front yard. We’ve been wanting to spruce up the front yard, and we even went so far as to get an estimate from a landscaper. As Mike was working, Miles came by, and Mike gave him the chance to make a bid of his own. Miles, a high school freshman, has been working hard to get a lawn care business going. We admire his work ethic.

School got out this week both here and in California. Our nephew Haydn graduated from elementary school, and Miles’ sister Gabi graduated from high school.

Hallie tried her best to keep Mike’s Father’s Day gifts a secret, but Mike saw one of his gifts when they went to the hardware store on Friday to buy some mulch for the yard. Mike’s gifts this year came with themes: Hacker Dad with The Geek Dad’s Guide to Weekend Fun and Sugru hacking putty on the one hand and Outdoor Fun Dad with a bike rack and annual pass to the Metroparks on the other.
Mike used the putty to hack the broken handle on the dryer filter. He used the leftovers to make a little mold from a Lego brick. Maybe we'll make chocolate bricks! 
Hallie ended up giving Mike some of his gifts early, and Mike set to work Friday and Saturday using the Sugru to help reinstall the bracket to the flagpole that fell last year in a storm. It took more than the putty to finally make things work, but in the end the bracket and flag were both secure by Saturday.
We've let the roses grow long. Just look at the pretty flowers and the secure flag bracket, OK?
On Saturday morning we went to the farmers market and a garage sale. We found a cool Snoopy Sno-cone machine and a bike helmet for Eliza. 
We found out later that both kids' helmets are the same size. Yes! We'll use Eliza's for years (or until Hallie finds a more girly one). 
We also painted a fourth Adirondack chair. Hallie primed the pieces earlier in the day. While she and Landon went to Isaac’s birthday party, Mike painted the chairs a gum drop purple that matched the Mackinac Island lilacs. After the kids went to bed, Mike and Hallie assembled the chair. Now we have all four ready to enjoy on the front porch!  

Target had a deal on shoes for little girls on the Internet. Hallie had a hard time deciding which pair she liked best. Mike's mom suggested she get them all. So, that's what Hallie did. Thanks, Sue!

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