Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Routines for a New Year

The new year has brought with it a few new activities for family members. Mike started teaching classes Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and Hallie and the kids settled into a few routines of their own.

Hallie and the kids went with Sara and Chase to Macy’s 2nd Monday at the Henry Ford, where they explored the world of airplanes and took in the Wonderful Wizard of Oz exhibit a second time.  

Landon started pipsqueak PE with Ms. Suzanne again on Tuesday. He'll start gymnastics next Monday to put even more of that boundless energy to work! So far, Eliza is content to use the home as her gym.
Landon takes to daredevil tricks on his trampoline like a bird takes to flight.
Fortunately, he is very patient as he teaches Eliza how to use it.

She learned how to bounce by watching him. 
Hanging upside down she learned all on her own. 
Hallie, the kids, Sara, and Chase went to Play Central at Barnes Elementary on Wednesday. Play Central is a nice blend of activities and academic centers for preschoolers, so this activity looks like it will be fun to continue! 

Our nephew Haydn celebrated his 12th birthday and Eliza celebrated 11 months this week. How the time has flown by! We still remember when he was as small as she is now (and she's getting bigger by the day! She had two more teeth break through this week). 
Palling around as Eliza shows off her waving skills

(Her curly locks really show after a bath.)
On Friday, the 13th, we got our first snow that stayed. Dad had bought some conversation hearts at the local bulk foods store, and Mom and Landon used them to decorate the gingerbread house we did not get put together after the New Year. Now we have a cozy romantic cottage (that is rapidly being dismantled). 

In the evening, we went down to El Barzón in southwest Detroit for some authentic Mexican cuisine with a bit of an Italian influence.

On Saturday, the kids and Mike built a castle at Lowe’s while Hallie returned for her second chiropractic visit this week (this is not a welcome routine, but it does make her back feel better). We spent a chunk of time getting the upstairs spiffied up and the kids' rooms organized. We'll get to work on the downstairs tomorrow!

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