Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Remember

Mike’s sister Alison passed away four years ago during Labor Day weekend, so the traditional end-of-summer weekend is always a little bittersweet. We have made a point of getting out of the house on Labor Day, and Michigan has always delivered something fun to do. This Labor Day we went with Jen and Sean and their kids to the Renaissance Festival in Holly.
We came across the Queen's Court.
"We are not amused." Eliza did not take too kindly to the courtier's attention.
Landon and Mike respond quite differently to authority, it would appear.  To his credit, Queen Elizabeth did compliment Mike on his bow. 
"Good Queen Bess" gave our little queen a royal blessing. 
Bryan was recruited to become a pirate--er, a privateer. We told Sir Francis Drake we'd drop him off when we got done. 
Happy to be out of the car seat! 
Lately Landon has found himself going around in circles. 
Watching the Zucchini Brothers
A day at the festival would not be complete without a joust. 
"Thrust! Parry! Riposte!" 
Sharing a brew (brewski?) with the Washing Well Wenches
Eliza continues to amaze with her feats of strength and daring. She and her big brother seem cut from the same cloth. She’s almost to the point where she can pull herself up to rest her elbows on the window sill and look out the window. She constantly chatters and burbles and blows raspberries to let us know what she wants. Hard to believe she’s only seven months old.

We have had some crazy weather this week with wild thunderstorms and mild flooding. Our unfinished basement “weeps” (sobs) when we get too much rain at once. It drives Mike nuts. On Saturday, Landon and Mike built a police car at Lowe’s Build and Grow. The kid’s becoming a natural with the hammer! While we were at Lowe’s, Mike bought a few more shelving units to get items off the basement floor. Once home, he and Hallie set about taking care of some of the reorganizing they had been meaning to do for a while. The potential for water damage seemed a good incentive to actually do something. It’s amazing what three new shelving units and stacked plastic boxes can do to free up space. We also now have the items we intend to sell at a future garage sale all in one place. You have a couple of kids, and the stuff seems to multiply out of control!

Also on Saturday, we stopped by the LEGO® Store at the Somerset Collection, and the boys got some fun sets for Landon’s upcoming birthday and Christmas. Hallie was feeling generous and even let Landon have a set early! He and Mike built it as a second father-son project Sunday.
With Landon, it would of course be a Cars-themed set 
Sunday was Stake Conference, Mike’s dad’s birthday, and the 10th anniversary of 9/11. We honor the memory of those who died and those who both gave their lives and put their lives at risk during the events of that terrible day. We remember you. 


DisabilityDiva said...

you always find the most fun things to my thoughts and prayers!!

Riley and Breanne said...

That festival looks way fun!!