Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Brrringing on the Yuletide Cheer

Brrr! We have sun, but yikes it is cold out! Sunday we got pummeled with snow and then deep freeze cold. It was so bad in Minnesota that they moved the Vikings-NY Giants game to Ford Field. Monday was Macy's 2nd Monday, which this month meant pictures with Santa, so we didn't want to miss it. Plus, the missionaries were coming with, so we really wanted to go. If you don't already see where this is going, I'll elaborate.

Instead of changing plans and forgoing out trip like sane people, we went ahead and drove into the frozen intractable maw (AKA the 7th Circle of h-e-double hockey sticks) that downtown Detroit became at 10 AM. Every freeway was blocked with some snow/ice related wreck or other, and all slippery, ice choked surface streets leading around the freeways channeled us toward Ford Field and the insane mob of football fans looking for free (or scalped--"2 for $20!") tickets to the night's game. We left home at 9:50 (the reason for our departure time is another story in itself) with the elders and arrived two hours later, just in time to get in line for Santa. Then a lady comes out telling the guy watching the line to stop bringing kids in. We made it in, but I feel bad for the others who didn't make it. As for us, we celebrated the yuletide Henry Ford style! Oh, yeah, and we forgot our camera for the Santa photo. Gotta love cell phones.

Landon told Santa what he wants for Christmas. Such a brave boy! 
Lego replica of the Fisher Building at the Depot Towne the Henry Ford has going on.
More train layouts
An exploded view of a Model T Ford

We made the trip worth the missionaries' while (hopefully) by giving them the chance to get the time in at the museum they would have had had they not been trapped in the back seat of the Buick with our squirrelly 3-year-old and taking them by a couple of Detroit-related stores. Mike tacked on a few hours into the evening to make up for what he lost during the day. The joys of a flexible work schedule (makes up for those times when he waits for the bus at 9 PM in winter when it's below 0). Did we mention it's cold out?   


Bettina said...

The Henry Ford's Santa is by far the best I've ever seen. I don't know if I would brave the icy roads - but I'm glad you had a good safe time!

Riley and Breanne said...

That was such an adorable Santa! It looks like Landon was so excited to see him haha, so cute!