Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall Is In The Air

We love the missionaries at our house. Here is a picture of the current four. They were leaving after dinner and Landon was showing them his mad skills on his bike. They showed him how to Bunny Hop on his scooter and now he thinks he should try that. Mom is not quite so fond of that idea.

We went to our monthly ritual of Macy's 2nd Monday at Greenfield Village. Here are the pictures that we took of this month's adventure where Landon learned about school in the 1800's. It is safe to say he really liked the idea of recess.

Here they sang the Wheels on the Bus. This guy plays a great guitar and we love when he is around.

Landon listened intently to Miss Cathy reading a great story. She is there every month and is an amazing story teller.

Here our first close to full fall tree. Summer was here strong this year and then one day it was gone. On come the fall leaves, lots of raking, and trips up north a bit to be stunned by God's majesty.

On the Foster Care front. We met our worker and she was great. She came to our house and did our Homestudy and is well. We have been fingerprinted and from here on out I have no idea what happens, but so far so good.

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Ross Family said...

Landon is a cutie!! We miss the Henry Ford and Greenfield Village!!