Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some New Photos

Here are some new photos of the family in California. We are really enjoying our time here. We can handle 60 degrees unlike the 20's and snow they are having in Michigan. Landon is still very active but his vocabulary has really taken off. The best thing that he has said since coming to California is he said his very first meal prayer (with help). Mama Bears heart almost leaped out of her chest. He said the bedtime prayer as well tonight and it was so cute as he helped pray for a baby brother or sister. Tomorrow we are going to the California Science Center and so hopefully there will be more pictures to post soon.

Papi playing a crazy horse. Landon's new game, let's ride Mami and Papi like a horse. He can say the word horse too.

Had a fun time at the park with Lily, Emerson and Landon.

Landon and Cru are so cute. At times they like to copy each other. Cru is 1 yr and 5 days younger than Landon. They even have matching pajamas, that was on accident but they are cute kids.

Grandma and Pap trying to help get Landon's wiggles out by taking him for a walk around the block. Yes, it is warm enough to not have on a jacket or shoes.

One evening we went to Americana at Brand. It snowed (fake) and played White Christmas. It was magical while we all danced in the street. They had a Christmas tree that was over 100 ft tall. We had lots of fun and Mami of course left our time at the shops with a trinket or two!

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