Monday, November 24, 2008

What A Character

Landon has found where all of the tupperware is stored. I don't mind him playing with it, as he is kept busy while I try to make dinner. One day last week, I saw him put a piece of tupperware in the recycle bin and told Mike to keep a lookout for it when he dumped the recycle bin come Monday. After dinner this past week I was looking for a tupperware to put leftovers in, and I had absolutely no tupperware to use. I was bewildered, but I guess not enough so to go on a real hunt for them. After emptying the recycle bin today, Mike came back in the house with a treasure trove full of tupperware and a tin of chilis that Landon had stashed away. What a character!


Stephanie said...

Too funny! I'm always finding odd things in the most random places! It's part of the joy of having children!

K said...

So funny. It's reasons like this that I put a gate up blocking entrance to the kitchen for Ellie. What a CUTE little guy you've got.