Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Season Of Love

I am sitting here watching Oprah this Valentine's Day. A woman suprised her husband with the meeting of Patti LaBelle. The wife was so touched she started to cry when Patti LaBelle came out on stage and started singing with her husband. (okay so my explanation is not so hot) All I know is that I started crying too. As I sit here thinking about it I believe I was so touched by the moment because the wife was so happy to make a wish come true for her husband. I believe that Landon is a wonderful wish come true for my husband Michael. This year they are MY Valentine. Here is their darling picture. My cute boys at the breakfast table. What other husband would watch their little pop tart 3 days a week while his wife goes to the gym or while his wife goes to get her nails done. Baby Landon has become the light of my life. His smile melts my heart and when I see that he recognizes me there is nothing better. I am truly blessed this Valentine's day for the loves of my life.

P.S. We love Natalie for her precious gift to us.

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