Wednesday, November 28, 2007

1 Month

My how the time has flown. Landon is now nearly 8 pounds and is just over 20 inches long. The sleeping adjustment is just that, an adjustment. Landon experienced his first Thanksgiving last week. We had twenty people over to the house and it was a wonderful time. Thank goodness it was potluck! My mom visited and we went to Frankenmuth, MI to see the biggest Christmast store in the world, Bronners. We then went to Zhenders which is known for its famous chicken. I am going to post some pictures on here and hopefully on another day I will be able to write more.


The Michiganders said...

Mike and Hallie--
It was great to meet you at the FSA metting today. I have seen this blog before! I have read it--I can't remember how I found the site--do you have a limk from family services website? maybe I found it from there. The blogging world is a small one. Talk to you soon.

Kamie said...

Landon is so cute!