Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day Weekend in Yellowstone

We just got back from a Labor Day road trip to Yellowstone National Park. What an experience! We put something like 1400 miles on the car in 4 days of traveling in and about some of the most beautiful scenery of the mountain west. We started off on Friday by going up through Idaho Falls and Rexburg on our way to the Jeffers Inn, a bed & breakfast in Ennis, Montana. That afternoon, we drove into Virginia City and Nevada City, and we got a tourist's taste of life in the Old West. The lady who runs the B&B is straight out of the frontier! She sleeps in a tent out in back of the B&B, and she has grown up caring for horses. On Saturday, we trekked through the north part of Yellowstone and took lots of pictures of the natural wonders. On Sunday, we stuck around the general Ennis area, going to some of the areas that are off the beaten path for most tourists. We had lunch at a little campsite in the middle of nowhere and drove along the Madison River, watching fly fishers and river rafters along our way. On Monday, we took a marathon car trip back home through Yellowstone (stopping by Old Faithful, of course), the Grand Tetons (majestic), Jackson Hole (a fun town, worth going back for its own visit), Star Valley (beautiful), and Bear Lake (our milkshake was just OK) before finally making it home 12 hours after we left Ennis. In all, we had a fun trip, and we have decided that road trips are some of our favorite vacations. Along the back roads, a new town or attraction or view is just around the bend.

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